We are an emotional design brand motivated by sustainability.
Fascinated by the Portuguese ceramic legacy and craftsmanship, we design and craft lovely ceramic products, special for your table and your gatherings, creating memorable moments that way.

Our name

We believe our name NOSSE should reflect our character. Latin word for ‘knowledge’, linked to a ‘sense of belonging’, Nosse is a reflection of the Portuguese vast, centuries-old experience in the craft of ceramics.


The Portuguese culture is much about celebrating and gathering, for nothing and for everything, special being sat the table. Table, is the setting to most, if not all, of our social gatherings – whether we are celebrating birthdays, welcoming someone in our home, joining for a not-so-happy occasion or taking a short break at work.

Sharing memorable moments around table, over a good meal and wine, remains in our souls, hearts and minds forever. We wanted to bring this spirit of celebration and gathering, to people all around the world, presenting a beautiful ceramic collection that help you in creating your own unique moments of bonding at the table.

Our belief

We care about the environment just as much as we care about our products, and we believe we are all responsible for making the world a better place to live in.

That is why we have invested in sustainable processes and materials, recycling every bit we can, and commiting to becoming zero waste.

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